Season Your Words With Salt đź§‚

Back in the day I had a terrible mouth. If you said or did something to offend or hurt me, I would retort or respond with some rather colorful words. I guess you could say I made cussing poetic.

I thank God for His patience with my tongue more less my physiological maturity in navigating through difficult verbal altercations (aka arguments). I have heard it said that when you are angry, the brain loses oxygen and the only words it can verbally articulate (without enough oxygen) are 3 to 4 letter words!

Indisputably, our words and the way in which we communicate matter. As Believers we are exhorted or encouraged in Colossians 4:6 to, “Let your words be seasoned with salt.” As believers, our words should reflect to others the truth of the gospel. They should reveal how this gospel has transformed our lives. Our words should impact our conversations for the better as we bring a different “flavor” to our interactions, build others up, and share as well as defend the gospel or our feelings.

Solomon reminds us in Proverbs 16:24 that, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Just as salt has healing properties, our words should bring healing and goodness, encouraging its hearers and pointing them to the One who is vital for life.

Jesus said, “Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other” (Mark 9:50b). What we say and how we say it should always be seasoned with the salt of grace and peace. In order to give a seasoned answer, we must present what we say and how we say it in a way that reflects Christ.

With that being said, never speak mean or nasty words out of anger because eventually your anger will pass. But, your mean and nasty words can scar a person for life. So use kind words (salt) or simple take a deep breath and just be silent (aka listen).






About #4GIVEN

#4GIVEN ministries is a devotional blog written to empower, encourage, and equip believers and unbelievers. We sincerely hope and pray that every reader and fellow blogger walks always with inspiration in their hearts and a fire in their belly after they read one of our inspiring devotionals. The mission is to make Christ known and to remind believers and unbelievers they are never too far gone for God to heal, deliver, and set free!
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