I serve an AWESOME God. Some may ask why do I believe this? Well here are 101 reasons why, I believe that my God is AWESOME; He is Perfect, Holy, Righteous, Loving, Kind, Friendly, Helpful, Protective, Caring, Sharing, Powerful, Mighty, Compassionate, Empowering, Discerning, Overwhelming, Consuming, Cleansing, Healing, Delivering, Restoring, Moving, Creating, Destroying, Smiting, Fulfilling, Distinctive, Comforting, Providing, Teaching, Training, Purifying, Freeing, Liberating, Preserving, Consigning, Reproving, Addressing, Confiding, Courageous, Victorious, Credited, Historical, Proven, Incorruptible, Unfailable, Infallible, Trustworthy, Protected.
Immune, Responsive, Privileged.
Honorable, Honored, Legitimate.
Reliable, Good, Reputable, Celebrated, Praised, Glorified.
Famous, Renowned, Loved.
Served, Worshipped, Sought, Needed, Required, Requested.
Beautiful, Living, Breathing, Alive.
Active, Amazing, Inspiring, Productive, Producing, Creative,
Abundant, Rich, Adequate, Decent, Modest, Pure, Real, Moral,
Wholesome, Safe, Beneficial,
Excellent, Eminent, Prominent, Remarkable, Extraordinary, Supernatural, Miraculous Forgiving, Sacrificing, and Astounding. Thank You Lord, for loving a scrub like me!!!


About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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