My First Speaking ENGAGMENT w/Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

thCAF7X5THNick Srader’s Reponse to my thank you email: “The honor was all ours.  We stuck around until about 8:30 debriefing and guys were adding input and encouraging each other.  Several of them went back to Colossians 3 and mentioned how impactful that was.  I really truly appreciate you taking the time to do that.  If you are ever in the Dallas area I would love to have you share this presentation with the teams there.  Likewise, if there is ever anything I can do or Benjamin Franklin can do to help you or your company don’t hesitate to speak up.

 Thank you again for the wisdom you shared and the seeds you planted in our hearts this morning.  Pray that whether we have planted or watered that God will cause growth in the hearts of these men.”


All the best,


Nick Srader

Vice President, Operations

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Dallas

1500 S. Central Expwy. #300

McKinney, TX  75070

(972) 562-1776 Office

(972) 542-0744 Fax



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I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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