H.B. 910 extends the rights of citizens who have a concealed handgun license to openly carry a holstered handgun (🔫). But I am here to tell you that when trouble, pain, heartache, unexpectedness, confusion, distress, and disaster breaks loose in your life we have access to something far more greater; PRAYER (🙏🏽). You see, God doesn’t move in our life when we struggle; He moves when we PRAY. Billy Graham said, “PRAYER is the rope that pulls God and man together. But, it doesn’t pull God down to us: It pulls us up to Him.” I am here to tell you that every time I have had a breakthrough in my life, it has been because of Prayer. Beginning 1-1-16 we have the right to openly carry our handguns. However, starting today stop CARRYING all of the burdens this life brings and OPEN your heart to God in PRAYER (📢)and watch (👀) Him make the impossible—possible! 💯


About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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2 Responses to OPEN CARRY 2016

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    This isn’t a case of either or…..I can do both.

    Bob S.


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