Jon Pennington said, “To knock somebody’s socks off means to surprise somebody by showing or providing them with something really impressive. The phrase was originally documented in the American South in the 1940s, where the phrase referred to beating somebody in a fight (similar to “knock his block off”). For this reason, the phrase originally had negative connotations, but began to acquire more positive connotations as the phrase was used more figuratively as a synonym for astonishing or impressing somebody.” I don’t know about your “KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF” moments but one of my most memorable “KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF” moments was when I said, “YES” to Jesus and He “KNOCKED MY SINS OFF” and gave me a new life in Him. Talked about being astonished; words can never truly capture that moment in time. Romans 10:9 says, “For if you tell others with your own mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord and believe in your own heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”


About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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