He Will Do It Again!

In Mark 8:1-10 Jesus took 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish in fed 4 thousands people. But soon after his haters (the Pharisees) demanded that He perform a miracle (vv 11-13), but of course Jesus evaded them like COVID-19 and got back in the boat and crossed over to the other side of the lake (social distance).

But that wasn’t Jesus’ only dilemma in this chapter. Out of the remaining 7 baskets of bread, the disciples managed to only bring 1 loaf (v14) for the next boat ride. Just after realizing they were short some food, Jesus warns them about the yeast of the Pharisees and Herod (v15). This is a topic for another devotion. However, shortly after the disciples began to argue amongst each other because they were hangry!

The Bible says Jesus knew what they were saying (v17), which to me implies that the disciples had one of those low-key arguments. You know like the overt ones you had with one or more of your siblings because y’all didn’t want your mom or dad to hear you!

In verses 18-21, Jesus called them out for bickering and asked them to remember how many baskets was left over after He fed the 5 thousands and just recently the 4 thousands.

How many times have you forgotten the Jesus that rescued you the last time is the same Jesus that can rescue you this time?! Jesus asked them twice, “Don’t you understand yet?”

I don’t know what stopped the disciples from asking Jesus to multiply their one loaf of bread. Perhaps, it’s the same reason why we sometimes get sheepish when it comes to asking God to do the impossible. All I know if that was me in that boat, I would’ve handed that one loaf of bread to Jesus and said, ‘before I break this one loaf of bread to share amongst my brothers and You…..will You please bless it!’





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