Jehovah Jireh

When everyone turns their back on you, God is there. When you are down to your last 2 dollars, God is there. When you feel like I do broken because of the absence of a loved one, God is there. When you feel like you’re losing your mind, God is there.

If you can relate, I got good news for you. Philippians 4:19 promises us that, “God [our provider] will supply all of our needs according to the glorious riches in Christ Jesus!”

What a wonderful reminder to have when our lives are unstable and literally turned upside down.

God is known as Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord who provides. And one of the earliest stories of God’s limitless provisions unfolds when God asks Abraham to offer his promised son Isaac as a sacrifice (Genesis 22:1-19). Abraham’s willingness to do as God asked not only deepened his trust in God, but it also furthered his character development.

As they made the ascent, Issac asked his daddy a question after the wood for the burnt offering was placed on his shoulders while Abraham carried the fire and the knife. Issac turned to his daddy and asked him where is the sheep? To which, Abraham replied God will provide the sheep (Genesis 22:6-8).

How did he know that??? God must have sent him a private DM or something…

However, once they made it to the location, Abraham placed Isaac on the altar, and as he drew the knife back to slay him, God called out and told him not to harm his son but instead to offer a ram (sheep) caught in a brush pile as the sacrifice (Genesis 22:9). Two went up and two came back down!

You see, Abraham’s story began when God called him out of his country, away from his family, to settle in a land he didn’t know (Genesis 12). He literally took a step forward on a journey not knowing where he was going. He simply went in the direction God told him. Over his life, Abraham learned many hard lessons about obeying God. This instance was one of the greatest acts of obedience in which he responded promptly and followed through completely. He learned to trust that God always provides.

Philippians 4:19, our verse today, serves as a personal promise we can hold onto when life’s journey brings painful challenges, heart breaking struggles, and unwanted disappointments.

When we find ourselves in a place we don’t understand, without provision, Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord, our provider, will give us what we need. It may not arrive when we think we need it, but whatever we have need of, God always gives in His perfect time.






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