Daily Affirmation

Letting go of fear and doubt can be a difficult but rewarding process. The Bible is filled with people that struggled with fear and doubt, but by God’s grace, design, and divine intervention they each learned how to overcome these two critically damaging and debilitating emotions. One verse that always comes to mind when I struggle with these two emotions is found in 2 Timothy 1:7 and Paul wrote, “God did not give us a spirit of fear, but rather a spirit of power, love, and self-control.”

My brothers and sisters, as many of you know, fear and doubt can hold you back from achieving your goals and living your lives to the fullest (John 10:10). Let’s be honest, no one truly endeavors to live a unrewarding life.

That being said, if I am speaking to you today, I want to give you 5 tips that I believe will help you break free from these two crippling emotions:

  1. Recognize your fears and doubts. The first step in letting go of fear and doubt is to acknowledge them. Take some time to identify the specific fears and doubts that are holding you back.
  2. Challenge your fears and doubts. Once you’ve identified your fears and doubts, it’s important to challenge them. Ask yourself if they’re really based in reality, or if they’re simply holding you back from taking action. Try to find evidence that contradicts your fears and doubts.
  3. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can help you stay present in the moment and avoid getting caught up in fearful or doubtful thoughts. Try practicing meditation, deep breathing exercises, or other mindfulness techniques.
  4. Take action. One of the best ways to overcome fear and doubt is to take action. Start small, and gradually build up your confidence as you achieve small successes. Remember that failure is a natural part of the learning process, and it’s okay to make mistakes.
  5. Seek support. Join a life group. Don’t be afraid to seek support from others. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and encourage you to pursue your goals. Consider seeking the help of a therapist or counselor if you’re struggling to overcome your fears and doubts on your own.

I hope this helps and I pray that God gives you the faith, strength, and wisdom to loose the grip of faith over your life. Jesus said in Matthew 16:19 (AMP), ““Whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth will have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth will have [already] been loosed in heaven.”






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#4GIVEN ministries is a devotional blog written to empower, encourage, and equip believers and unbelievers. We sincerely hope and pray that every reader and fellow blogger walks always with inspiration in their hearts and a fire in their belly after they read one of our inspiring devotionals. The mission is to make Christ known and to remind believers and unbelievers they are never too far gone for God to heal, deliver, and set free!
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