God, thank You for life! Thank You for healing. Thank You for deliverance. Thank You for restoration. Thank You for peace! Thank You for comfort! Thank You understanding! Thank You for being patient with me! Thank You for readily accepted me just as I am and for loving me so much that You will not leave me the way that I am. Thank You for courage! Thank You for providing! Thank You for never turning a deaf ear to my prayers and supplications. Thank You for answered and unanswered prayers, petition, and supplications.Thank You for the spare change that I have in my car, kitchen drawer, and in the couch. Thank You for my wife, children, and family. Thank You for my friends, frenemies, and enemies! Thank You test, trials, and victories. Thank You for strength of my limbs and mobility of all of my senses. Thank You for never leaving me nor forsaking me! Thank You for taking all of my sins and casting them into the sea of forgetfulness! Thank You for giving me Jesus and for His sacrifice! Thank You that He rose in three days with all power in His hands! Thank You that my salvation is dependent on what He accomplished and not on what I accomplished! Thank You for the last breath, I just took while typing this prayer because it too wasn’t promised but You saw fit to provide it! I love You Lord and I am not ashamed to tell the world that You are The Lord of my life and without You I am nothing! In Jesus name, hallelujah, glory to God, and AMEN!


About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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