“The Right Place”

“The Right Place”Series, “How to Improve Your Marriage Without Words”

(Part 4 of 4) #WithoutWords
To get to the ‘right place’ in marriage…..
1. Understand: Love is a #VERB!

(1 John 3:18)
2. Understand your mate’s #NEEDS!

(Eph 5:33)
3. Intimacy is the result of being in the #RIGHTPLACE.

(1 Cor 7:3-5) & (James 1:14-15)
Tim’s additional Points of Power (OFF THE LISTENING GUIDE):
It’s not about being in a GOOD place it’s about being in the RIGHT place.
Believe it or not, feelings lie!
Life is difficult but get on with your life.
Marriage is less about your words than it is living out the words of God.
Talk is cheap and love is action!
If you are hard to live with…..change: Your spouse doesn’t deserve that! 
If you can choose to be kind with a stranger you can choose to be kind to the person you stood at the alter and committed to live your life with!
God made men boring, predictable, and routine.
Don’t put kids the center of your marriage because they will leave as soon as they get a better deal!
Don’t put your spouse on the back burner and don’t let your children replace your spouse.
Sex shows up in a good marriage. 
Two good reasons God reserved sex for marriage because it creates a bond and procreation. 
The worst thing for a married woman is to be alone and the worst thing for man in a marriage is depriving him of sex.



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I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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