Get Ready For Spiritual Increase and Favor!!

God’s plan for our lives is to continually increase our influence in the world around us. He accomplishes this spiritual endeavor through His divine favor, purpose and our faithful obedience (response).

In Luke 2:52 we find that, “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” then in I Chronicles 29:25, “The Lord highly exalted Solomon in the sight of all Israel,” and the Apostle John wrote in 3 John 2, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

These three passage of text clearly encapsulate and capture the intent of God’s plan for every Christian believer. However, in order to become recipients and benefactors of spiritual increase, the first thing we have to remember is that God will increase our influence and favor even when no one thinks we deserve it. We must remember God looks at the heart, whereas man can on only see the surface (I Samuel 16:7).

Secondly, we have to respond faithfully in order to receive spiritual increase! Often times, our greatest blessings emerges from our greatest challenges so, the way in which we respond or react will determine the height of our trajectory.

Thirdly, we have to overcome appetizing lure of any victim-mindset triggers. These triggers include feeling under-appreciated, not feeling honored, feeling limited by the people in your life, feeling hopeless because of past experience, and being more devil-focused rather than belief-focused. When we believe we are a victim to our circumstances or our past, we hinder the opportunities of our future.

Lastly, we need to remember where there is no way; God will always make a way to propel us forward! Nehemiah would not meet with his enemies in the Valley of Ono. He said, “I am doing a great work. Why should I come down to you?” (Nehemiah 6:3). Those who believe they are doing a great work are doing a great work and will unwaveringly continue in that good work. You see, when we stop focusing on the doors that are not opening and faithfully focus instead on the doors that are open, we set ourselves up for spiritual increase, elevation, favor, and promotion.

No matter where we are in life, God will always promote us. Spiritual promotion comes from God and He has a change in store for all of us. The character of God is such that, He loves to promote His people over and over. All we have to do is realize every position we hold, whether high or low, is purposefully temporary. Unless we decide to make it permanent, which is never God’s plan nor ever His divine intention.

I don’t know who I am speaking to but, God is getting ready to elevate someone or some people higher than they ever thought possible! Therefore, don’t ever put limits on a limitless God, stay faithful, and continue moving forward on purpose!


About #4GIVEN

#4GIVEN ministries is a devotional blog written to empower, encourage, and equip believers and unbelievers. We sincerely hope and pray that every reader and fellow blogger walks always with inspiration in their hearts and a fire in their belly after they read one of our inspiring devotionals. The mission is to make Christ known and to remind believers and unbelievers they are never too far gone for God to heal, deliver, and set free!
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