When He said it was “Finished”, He meant it!


Christ said, “It is finished” and then He yielded His spirit to God. Now then, we know to be absent of the body is to be in the presence of God (2 Cor 5:8) therefore, the fact He yielded His Spirit is enough to establish that Christ’s Spirit did not die at the cross and that His Spirit in fact left His body. IOW, His body was officially dead however, His Spirit was officially alive. Remember the last supper? He said, “Take and eat, this My ‘body’ which is given for you.” (Luke 22:19) This may be somewhat confusing but you must also factor that He was 100% God and 100% man. So we’re good, right? Ok, now that we are on the same page my question is what did Jesus do from the point of His bodily death to the point of His bodily resurrection? Don’t know? Me neither! The Bible isn’t entirely clear on what exactly Christ did in the 3 day time frame however; it does seem, though, that He was preaching victory over the fallen angels and/or unbelievers. Check out, 1 Peter 3:18-20, 22 (CEB), “Christ himself suffered on account of sins, once for all, the righteous one on behalf of the unrighteous. He did this in order to bring you into the presence of God. Christ was put to death as a human, but made alive by the Spirit. And it was by the Spirit that he went to preach to the spirits in prison. In the past, these spirits were disobedient—when God patiently waited during the time of Noah. Noah built an ark in which a few (that is, eight) lives were rescued through water. vv 22 who is at God’s right side. Now that he has gone into heaven, He rules over all angels, authorities, and powers.” Watch this, Peter referred to people as “souls” and not “spirits” (3:20). In the New Testament, the word “spirits” is used to describe angels or demons, not human beings, and verse 22 seems to bear out this meaning. What’s my point? Before and after death, Jesus was about His Father’s business. After death and I believe in those 3 days Jesus took the keys of hell and death. So today know that our God is not dead, the devil’s power is broken, and death lost its sting! We are VICTORIOUS because He is VICTORIOUS!

I am forever grateful and forever 4GIVEN!




About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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