Yesterday, my family and I uprooted an old palm tree that we planted nearly 9 years ago that died due to last year’s unforgiven winter. I figured the roots had already died off and it would be a cinch to remove it from my garden. I would find out relatively quickly this was not going to be the case. If any of you know anything about palm trees, you know they are very tenacious. They can typically with ease resist hurricane forced winds without snapping! So here we go; armed with a shovel, rake, gloves, and a couple of hand saws, I was ready like the movie 300!! I assessed it would take 45-60 minutes but of course it ended up taking 3 hours. I learned really fast that palm trees are as resistant to humans uprooting them as they are with hurricane forced winds attempting to snap them. I later discovered that every palm tree has fibrous roots that not only fan out to great distances but also can travel down deep into the ground soil. Fortunately, the family and I prayed before beginning the task and after several failed attempts and 2 1/2 hours later I ended making a trip to the HOME DEPOT to rent a chainsaw. Now armed with my ‘Heaven-sent’ chainsaw, I scurried back home and long story short within 30 minutes, I was able to compromise this palm tree’s fibrous root system thus enabling it’s removal from the garden!! Let me say this, the power didn’t come from the Home Depot or the chainsaw, the power came from God. My point is, A.) Always ask God for help. It doesn’t matter the size of the task or assignment. As I mentioned my family and I prayed not only for strength but also for wisdom and it was wisdom that sent my butt to the Home Depot. B.) Don’t give up too early. Always seek an alternative
solution. When you have the right tools you will yield the right results. Lastly, know that with God all things are possible. So today if you are facing a task that seemingly appears to be impossible to accomplish, speak to the ONE that makes the impossible-possible and have a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!



About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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