I LOVE me some JESUS!! So much that, I am not ashamed to tell the world everyday about my SWEET JESUS!! Every sin is pardon, every transgression exonerated, and every iniquity acquitted. It’s not because I am a good person, it’s not because I feed the homeless, it’s not because I serve at a church, it’s not because I earned theological accreditation, and it’s not because I give tithes!! It’s because of HIM and HIM alone!! It’s because He was spat on, it’s because He was slapped on, it’s because He was beaten beyond recognition, it’s because He was falsely accused; sentenced to death, it’s because He carried a heavy beam up a hill, it is because of three nails, the tip of a piercing spear, vinegar wine, and it is because even after all that HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE; ALL BECAUSE OF A SINNER LIKE ME!!! WORSHIP HIM, GIVE HIM PRAISE AND EXALT HIS HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, LIFE GIVING AND PRESERVING NAME!!


About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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