We wear, install andtattoo the symbolic cross emblems on our bodies, chapels, churches, and temples. However, true Christianity is best lived out from the hearts of his people. Christianity isn’t simply a matter of outward activity or sin­cerity of belief? Sincerity is an admirable quality, but it is no criteria for the truth. Romans 8:9: “Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His.” Boom there it is! God’s definition of a Christian! If one does not have, possess, and follow the Holy Spirit of God, he is not a Bible-defined Christian no matter what he says, how he acts, or what he teaches. The Holy Spirit is the essence, power, mind, and spiritual extension of God. God begets Christians as His sons and daughters through His Spirit. It strengthens and fortifies a Christian spiritually, converts his mind, leads and guides him as necessary, and serves as an earnest or guarantee of eternal life (Ephesians 1:13–14). Christianity—”the way of Christ”—is a program of behavior modification and character development. We are to grow, change, and overcome (2 Peter 3:18), to become more and more like Jesus Christ in thought, word, and deed. True Christianity has no regrets, no kickbacks, no “mornings after.” True Christianity is not a boring, never-get-to-do-anything lifestyle. True Christianity is the “Greatest Adventure Ever Lived.”  


About Noel Pinnock and Lowell Pinnock

Noel Pinnock is a published author and recognized expert with over 25 years of experience in transforming under performing companies into positions of prosperity and optimum value. He specializes in strategic, operational, and tactical services. As a nationally certified public manager, he has been responsible for overseeing many large-scale organizational transformations. We are #4given, saved by the blood of Christ.
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