Promise Keeper!

Joseph went from God’s dream to Pharaoh’s ring! The question is how did he do it without cracking or breaking down? For 13 years Jospeh was faithful despite his problems. I believe the meaning of the names given to his two sons written in Genesis 41:50 explains what kept Joseph sanity while he was both a slave and a prisoner. God never forgot him (Manasseh) and despite his circumstances God causes him to be fruitful (Ephraim). In addition, the dream God showed him at the age of 17 was his motivation that reminded him about his grandfather Issac; God is a promise keeper. Chuck Swindoll said,”The dross of our character—pride, rebellion, self-sufficiency—melts in the crucible called waiting. Yet it is a crucible that we do everything to avoid. We even have a cultural myth that says to wait is to waste time…And even though suffering may force us to slow down, to wait, we complain and seek solace in mindless distractions and miss the refining of our character that God intended.” It’s clear to me that Joseph’s wait was not greater than the unveiling of God’s promise. When life gets you down, and you are tempted to “give up” on God and take matters into your own hands, remember who God is. He is God, and We are not. He is creator of the universe and all mankind; He knows us and loves us and sees our situation; nothing is ever hidden from Him and more importantly what He promises will come to pass! 

About Noel Pinnock and Lowell Pinnock

We are #4given, saved by the blood of Christ.
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