When God Says Go!

Alas, the Pharaoh finally agrees to release God’s people from bondage in Exodus 12:31. But look at what He requested in V.32; “….Go and bless me too!!” Watch this, Moses never responded to his request. Why? Perhaps in past confrontations the Pharaoh showed no remorse for God’s commands more less His people. Moses told Pharaoh what would happen, and undoubtedly, as night follows day, the plagues came just as Moses said. I don’t know why Moses refrained from answering the Pharaoh but I do know that under the circumstances Moses’ silence helps me understand when God is silent in my life. Let’s be honest like Pharaoh we are some hard headed, stubborn, prideful, and arrogant people! Oftentimes, we don’t move until we want to move or change until we are forced to change! God ain’t no joke! When He says, “Move”-that means move and move quickly! On earth, I am learning everyday to become more humble and responsive to God’s call in my life because at the end of my life, I certainly don’t want God to be silent standing before Him in heaven! I want to hear those 11 words; Well done good and faithful servant, you can come on in!


About Lowellpinnock

I am a 4given sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
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