When we see jaw dropping awe-inspiring aspects

of nature we often correlate that beauty with God’s glory. However, technically speaking God’s glory isn’t an aesthetic beauty nor a material beauty. It is the beauty that emanates from His character, from all that He. In the human/earthly sense, glory is a beauty or vibrancy that rests upon the material of the earth (Psalm 37:20, Psalm 49:17), and in that sense, it fades. But the reason it fades is that material things do not last; much like a beautiful sunset. God is in an elite class all by Himself and His glory will never fade away! He has infinite perfections, greatness, and value! Isaiah 6:3 says that angels cry out , “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty. The whole earth is full

of His glory!” Imagine if you were a fly on the wall in that room👀!! Isaiah 43:7 says that God created us for His glory. In context with the other verses, it can be said that man “glorifies” God because through man, parts of God’s glory can be seen in things such as love, worship, selflessness and so forth—things belonging to God that we are carrying “in jars of clay” (2 Corinthians 4:7). Bottom line is that God’s glory is super awesome and if we can take in awe-inspiring glimpses of His glory standing on this dirt, imagine what the fullness of His glory will like standing on the streets of gold. If you are excited about that experience join me in saying amen!!

About Noel Pinnock and Lowell Pinnock

Noel Pinnock is a published author and recognized expert with over 25 years of experience in transforming under performing companies into positions of prosperity and optimum value. He specializes in strategic, operational, and tactical services. As a nationally certified public manager, he has been responsible for overseeing many large-scale organizational transformations. We are #4given, saved by the blood of Christ.
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