Stronger Than You Think!

Christopher Robin said, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!” We can certainly learn a lot from a cartoon bear!

I know that certain situations and circumstances can knock the wind out of our sails however in times when that happens we must continue fighting the good fight of faith. I know it’s hard, but it’s doable. Victor Hugo once said, “People do not lack strength; they lack will.”

I’ve learned that God’s will is best defined as the actions taken or words spoken based on love, selflessness, honesty and purity. Whereas, self-will is the action taken or words spoken with the ego and the determination to have one’s way, to get what is most desired and at times no matter what the cost.

Praying to God and then listening to God are the two windshield wipers that removes the obscurity in discerning the differences between the two wills. Most of us have no problem talking to God, but with the barrage of competing thoughts clamoring for our attention clearly listening to God for his direction can be a bit of a challenge.

Furthermore, though we may talk with God often, we may not be opening our ears to hear His answers and guidance. When you are finished praying, don’t quickly turn on the loud movie you were watching or immediately climb into bed for the night. Take time to stop, look, and listen for God’s answers to your prayers. Make sure you listen as much as you speak with Him because as you know communication goes both ways.

If I were to re-word Hugo’s quote it would read, “People do not lack strength; they lack faith and clarity.” My brothers and sisters, we find our true strength whenever our self-will aligns or subordinate with God’s will, plan and purpose for our lives. It behooves to live out the words spoken by John, the Baptist in John 3:30, “He must increase; I must decrease.” Make no mistake, the depth of our strength is grounded in our faith and spiritual discernment!








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