Broke Things Made New!

Many of you know that my father is a renowned and now ‘semi-retired’ auto mechanic. As a child, watching him pull engines and then reinstall them would literally blow my mind away. One of the reasons his diverse automotive skill-sets are so profound is because he was self-taught or should I say ‘God-taught’.

I vividly remember watching him restore three vintage ford Mustangs, but the one that is most memorable to me was the red 66 model. A classic indeed, but before it was restored, it looked like a broke down bucket of bolts. The interior and exterior had better days to say the least. Dad kept her in a separate portion of his auto-mechanic shop and each day he would repair and/or restore a section of that ‘Stang’ until all of the broken parts were made new again. It took him a little while to get it all dolled up, but eventually he rehab that vehicle like it was brand new with all original parts.

Let me lift this up for you! Many of you know our Father who art in heaven and He is the renowned Creator and Restorer of the universe. He restores lost time, bestows new identities, creates new life, and make broke things new again! Revelation 21:5 says this, “And the One sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!” And then He said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.”

My dad didn’t restore those vehicles overnight…it took time. In that same vein, in time God is able to make broke down things become new again. He alone has the power to make all things new, and He demonstrated that to us when He raised Jesus from the grave. My beloved brothers and sisters, God is in the business of restoration and resurrection. His Kingdom will come one day — Satan will be overthrown — but renewal, refreshment, revival, reconciliation, and restoration is also happening now on a smaller scale.






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